Vote24 - online voting solution for business, education and public institutions

Comprehensive service of voting at meetings

MWC Voting Solutions is the largest voting solutions supplier in Poland.

We design and deliver voting solutions for business, education and public instutitions.

Vote as you like: using laptops, tablets or smartphones!

We only deliver our own systems which can be customised to meet up to 100% needs and requirements of our customers.

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Our voting system

Vote24 is our proprietary system for handling voting at meetings.

Managed entirely by a web browser, it does not require external software like PowerPoint etc.

It enables the preparation of agendas, planning voting, attaching documents to participants (such as draft resolutions), as well as remote discussion during the meeting using the built-in messenger.

It provides the ability to integrate with transmission systems - automatically overlaying voting results on the video image.

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How does it work?

Preparation of the meeting and voting

  1. Log in to the Vote24 system as an operator
  2. Add a meeting at any time
  3. Prepare the agenda
  4. Schedule voting
  5. Add users (persons authorized to vote) and provide them with access data to the system

Handling of votes on the day of the meeting

  1. Log in to the Vote24 system as an operator and open the meeting
  2. Meeting participants log in to the mobile application for Android or via a web browser
  3. Start voting as an operator - the voting buttons will appear on the screen of your devices automatically
  4. Participants vote and the operator sees the voices flowing down
  5. Close the voting and proceed with the meeting

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Voting devices

Vote on any device you have with Internet access: laptop, tablet or smartphone

Browse the agenda and documents attached to it (e.g. draft resolutions), and ask questions using the built-in messenger

The voting buttons appear automatically when the operator calls the ballot

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Stats for voting on our systems

26 375 users
43 906 meetings
165 646 votings
2 484 694 votes casted

Our customers:

and over 700 selfgovernments in Poland!

Statement from 16.03.2020

Dear customers

For the sake of life and health of participants in all votes, we hereby inform you that until April 30 this year. (extendable) MWC Sp. z o.o. offers all entities that had scheduled meetings in the near future (e.g. general company meetings, board meetings, local government sessions, etc.), free access to our proprietary Vote24 system, which enables comprehensive remote voting.

For its operation, the Vote24 system requires only access to the Internet, and therefore it is enough for each of the voting participants to have a smartphone, tablet or laptop at home or work and log in via a dedicated website or application for Android, thus gaining the opportunity to participate in voting initiated by the operator.

In addition, throughout the whole period - we provide clients with free telephone and e-mail support.

All interested entities are cordially invited to contact us.

MWC Management Board sp. z o.o.